9 Mistakes to Avoid in Your SWAS Specs 

Create perfect fossil power plant Steam and Water Analysis System specs every time



There are nine common mistake engineers inadvertently make while creating SWAS specs that can lead to issues in your fossil power plant:

  1. Under-specifying, meaning providing too little detail about the equipment needed for optimal steam and water analysis system operation
  2. Overspecifying, meaning sending unnecessary or ancillary information not related to the SWAS
  3. Not providing tubing size within the plant
  4. Not specifying the sample conditioning equipment for maximum operation and function
  5. Not identifying the available utilities
  6. Not specifying the materials requirements
  7. Not specifying what’s not wanted
  8. Not specifying the layout and location of the system
  9. Not specifying your preferred analyzer brands an sequencing

Awareness is key in avoiding these mistakes, as is having critical knowledge at your fingertips. That’s why we’ve developed our new eBook, 9 Mistakes to Avoid in Your SWAS Specs. This handy resource and its printable Recommended Systems Components Checklist is sure to be your go-to guide for creating perfect steam and water analysis specs for fossil power plants every time. 

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